Bifrost global community will engage and connect the gamers and fans with leading esport athletes
We will pioneer social media marketing and build Bifrost Gaming for Greater Good to a global brand. We will create loyal relations between brands, influencers and consumers.
Esport influencer marketing is a key for us to boost Bifrost as well as our esports personal brand. We will create an experience with an authentic, trustworthy and personal influencer channel.
Wellbeing and future skills. We safeguard the positive mental wellbeing of our community. A solid personal foundation is a social force that empowers the gamers and benefits the whole society. We work with international partners to develop training programs to motivate gamers and meet the demand of the future job market and inspire & motivate young people to learn.
Bifrost Gaming for Greater Good apparels. In H1 2020 we will launch our apparels and healthy food collection. We will build a unique brand and cool brand that promotes a sustainable life.
In 2021 we will
roll-out our first gaming centre in Oslo, a state-of-the art centre and heart of our community
launch Bifrost Global Gaming for Greater Good podcasts series
deploy Bifrost Gaming for Greater Good Social Media platform
roll-out our apparel and food collection
deploy a training program in esports
in 2025 we are the world’s leading esport community
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