Announcing new head of LOL for 20'/21'
Aug 30 2020 | 2 min read
Announcing new head of LOL for 20'/21'

We are pleased to announce Michel Klepper as our new League of Legends manager.

Emil Oliver Hamborgstrøm says: Michel is a hard working, passionate gamer with a lot of experience in League of Legends. Bifrost and Michel both share the same core values, which sets a good foundation for our relationship.

About Michel Klepper: "My first expierence in competetive sports I made with 11 when I played my first competetive Tennis Tournament. From there on my career as a Tennis Player went on and I got expierence in the highest Tennis Leagues of Germany and how it is to live in an competetive Sport environment. League of Legends appeared first when I was 14. I started playing in Season 4, first of all it was more of an hobby but I always enjoyed the competetive side about it and climbed fast to the Top 1% of all Players in EUW. After quitting playing Tennis professional and finishing my High school, I've went to Australia and Asia to visit a friend at the Australian Open and to discover new places. During my stay in Brisbane I got in touch with the League of Legends Team for the Brisbane University and they signed me up to play for them professional. I've spend one split playing in Australia until I've moved on to Asia. When I came home from my Travels I wanted to continue working in ESports. I managed several Teams in the German scene and the Danish scene, were I got to work with Players like Dragdar or DenVoksne and a lot of other good players. I've always been a very comepetetive person and set high goals for myself, which perfectly fits to Bifrost. I've worked for Bifrost now nearly half a year already, and what we have achieved is insane. We share the same goals and we are pulling in the same direction. The reason why I've joined Bifrost is because I've never seen so much potential in a young, upcoming ESports Organisation before. I am willing to put all my effort into it to reach our goals and iam more then thankful for the opportunity and trust Bifrost has given me. I enjoy working together with all the great people and iam excited to see what we can achieve in the upcoming Splits. 🚀

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