Jan 10 2021 | 2 min read
Arnfinn "theNe" Eriksen as new Head of CS:GO Norway

Bifrost are proud to announce theNe as our new Head of CS:GO Norway.

About I am a player who has played for a very long time, started with CS 1.6 and took on the role of IGL when I was 12 years old in 2006. Then there was almost no one to learn from when all the best leaders from Norway (elemeNt, XeqtR, bsl etc.) gave themselves about the same year. It took me a long time to understand the role and I will say that I did not have a good idea before I read The Art of Counter-Strike (TAO-cs) sometime in 2009 written by Thorin, Rambo and another I forgot. Won some local lan but nothing noteworthy (GalaxeLAN). The biggest experience from that time must have been meeting Frag eXecutors (Neo, TaZ, pasha, Loord & the cube) at The Gathering in 2010 where we were owned.

Getting back into the game I quit CS 1.6 in 2011 because I would rather bet on football, and all the time then had to go for it. But then unfortunately my knees smoked in 2013 and I had to have surgery both right and left, and never quite got myself back after that. I chose to look ahead and discovered after a while where I played League of Legends, that CSGO had taken off and it became a very natural transition for me at the time as I had a few years of experience before. I spent well over a year just watching all the pro matches and tried to catch up to the meta and how CSGO was played, played a lot of FACEIT early on to teach me how to do things. When I felt comfortable enough to start a team, the seriousness began in 2015. I f a group that I enjoyed and we participated in, among other things, OffroadLAN 2016 and won it relatively comfortably with the players: fax, blockovzki, direxie & Marcelious. I have been known for developing talents who have taken quick steps to join some of Norway's best teams. (Marcelious, MV, nafu, Grus, vHw, Nasty, JagrN & scared) and there were also some I played a lot with in CS 1.6 who got the chance early of the Norwegian stop in CSGO (becker, maak & rufus) Im very happy to have finally found an organization that has great ambitions to reach the top, and thinks we can achieve the goals we have set ourselves with hard and goal-oriented work in longer time ahead.

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