Bifrost League Team Wins TESN
Mar 24 2021 | 1 min read
Bifrost League Team Wins TESN

Winning Telia Esport Series Norway

Bifrost finished the regular split of TESN as the first seed and advanced already to Playoffs Finals. NVD2, Riddle Academy and Domino had to fight their way through the Quarter and semifinals to meet us in the Finals. Nordavind came out ahead and we faced them in a deciding BO5 Series about who will take the crown of Norway.

We weren't afraid at all, we have taken down NVD every single time we have met them during the split. Still a lot of respect to the Boys especially Shaolin Bifrost former Midlaner and Smurfegutten a huge upcoming talent.

But we were really confident to beat them in finals, as expected we won it 3:0. Everyone was of course happy but we kept calm and didn't celebrate too much because we knew which big challenges are still in front of us (TeliaMasters/NLC Relegation)

  • Article by Michel Klepper alias "Routins" Head of League of Legends for Bifrost
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