Bifrost Signs 4th Best Female EU CSGO Team
Apr 1 2021 | 2 min read
Bifrost Signs 4th Best Female EU CSGO Team

Bifrost signs a whole new female roster for their CS:GO lineup.

These are team members:

  • Aurora Lyndgal, who’s known as Aurora in-game, and originates from Norway.
  • Vanessa Ahlström, who’s known as Nessa in-game, and originates from Sweden.
  • Mayline-Joy Champliaud, who’s known as ASTRA in-game, and originates from France.
  • Hege Botnen, who’s known as Hedje in-game, and originates from Norway.
  • Ana Queiroz, who’s known as Zana-th, and originates from Portugal.

You may be wondering how all of them met, well, Aurora had this to say:

“Hege and I have a lot of history playing together in different teams since 2013. She linked up with Zana last year and in the fall of 2020 Vanessa and I joined the team. We have been familiar with each other in the scene for a long time and we all just had instant chemistry together so it was a great start for the team. ASTRA is our latest addition and she is a hidden talent.”

When it comes to the initial thoughts about joining Bifrost Norge, Aurora stated that she is super excited to go back to her Norwegian Roots. Bifrost has really great values, that aligns with the goal of the team as a whole. Keep in mind that the team itself was formed in September of 2020, and the core team has been together since January of 2020 as part of another esport team.

The common goals, as well as the personalities, have made them come together as a team and as such, are now looking for a home with a long term project.

Aurora stated:

We are five very hard-working women who are willing to put in the time and effort needed to reach the highest level.

“As Project C we have reached 4th best female team in Europe. (CS:GO female ranking) On the latest Dreamhack Showdown tournament we have placed 4th.It’s really important for us to find a home where we feel safe, and we can have a mutually respectful connection with the management.”

They also seek the freedom to attend events and bootcamps at any time of the year, anywhere, and their team is known as Project C.

  • Article by Aiden Lindow
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