New Head of eSports Confident About Bifrost’s Future
Jul 10 2021 | 2 min read
New Head of eSports Confident About Bifrost’s Future

With the Bifrost League Of Legends team recently becoming 2021 champions when they won the Telia Esports Series Masters tournament, the future is definitely looking bright for Bifrost. As the League Of Legends team is now the best team in Norway, the team has their sights set on the whole of the Nordics, while competing against the UK and Ireland as well.

The new Head of Esports for Bifrost, Michel, has had some positive commentary on where he believes Bifrost is headed, and what he can contribute to the organisation. He has experience with managing German and Danish teams and has been gaming since the age of thirteen. Describing himself as “a very competitive person”, he cites one of his biggest strengths as “interaction with people” and getting “a good read on people’s personalities”.

Michel believes that he has a lot to bring to his new role, as he “bring[s] knowledge out of 4 years working in semi-competitive and competitive eSports that helps me to keep the daily business running and have a good overview over all the different departments/teams.” He believes his creativity could lead to finding unique solutions regarding optimization and improving the structure of the organisation.

Bifrost’s future appears to be in safe, optimistic hands, as Michel has some clear goals and ambitions for the organisation moving forwards. He wishes to “build teams and roster[s] that can compete in the top leagues of Norway” and also has plans for taking Bifrost to the international level in the future. Currently, he’s open-minded about these plans, stating that they could involve “different game titles”.

In order to build up those teams and rosters, Michel is looking to bring “motivated young people” on board. When recruiting, he says that he’s searching for people with “a competitive drive” and those who “are willing to learn and improve”. Regarding whom he believes can become a professional player, Michel states that “everyone with a decent amount of talent can become a pro player if [they] train and evolve in the right environment”.

Clearly, Bifrost’s new Head Of eSports has envisaged a bright future for Bifrost, as they continue to ride the waves of their recent Telia Esports Series Masters tournament win and make plans for creating new teams and rosters to take on the rest of the Nordics and, indeed, the rest of the world.

  • Article by Aiden Lindow
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