New PUBG Roster and Manager
Mar 8 2021 | 2 min read
New PUBG Roster and Manager

PUGB Team Announcement

Bifrost is one of the latest and greatest teams from Norway that has taken the world by storm. This iceberg of a team has won many competitions, and is here to prove the world what’s its made of by competing in the legendary game Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve just recently signed a team with PUBG! Here is the crew: Ilebekk, Lothe, Gappyslappy, Chunk, and Ultimatuma.

Here’s an interview with one of their team-members, Magne Ilebekk (Team Manager), to give you an in-depth look at their story, preparations, and why they have such a good chemistry.

Humble Origins

I have always been into sports, I started with football then went over to handball for 4 years. I even started playing some basketball after that. I started playing CS:GO when I was 12, on a bad laptop that I received on my birthday. When I was 15 I bought my first desktop pc, after having it for 3 months the GPU broke, so I brought a new one and replaced it myself.

This made me more interested in computers, and I went on to take a certificate of apprenticeship in information technology (IT). I started playing competitive CS:GO when I was around 16, playing for online tournaments mostly in Norway and some LAN (Local Area Network) parties that I went to.

Passion Reborn

I then switched back to PUBG in early 2020, and then in February 2020, I recreated 5Strategy, now with a different vision. I wanted to create a better community for the Norwegian esport scene, we tried out many different games with some success. But we had more going on in PUBG. We started in the 3rd division and after the summer break, we got a qualifying spot for top division. We then managed to get top 4, even after everyone else kept telling me that we couldn't do it.

Even though I love to compete in tournaments, I find the work to find new talent and see these players grow is more special for me, and I wish to continue as a manager in PUBG. We have some of the world’s best players, but we do not put down the hours together as a team to achieve the results we want. The biggest problem now is that players leave or kick each other after a tournament, in which they could have played better.

The key to success is using our time and effort and work together towards the same goal. Bifrost gave me the tools I did not have on my own with 5S, they are very helpful and have a great future, am looking forward to working with them to put Norwegian E-sports back where it belongs.

  • Article by Aiden Lindow
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