Bifrost announces the League of Legends lineup 2020

Updated: Jan 31

Bifrost are proud to announce its very first League of Legends team.

Emil Oliver Hamborgstrøm says: “We are building the future backbone of our LOL team by unpolished, up and coming talents. We are a new established club with long term ambitions. We want to develop new talents and be a club that makes a different”. Our Nordic team consists of:

Our Norwegian team consists of:

Isak Fjell is the captain and head of the Norwegian and Nordic LOL teams.  Isak has extensive experience as a professional player.  Isak Fjell says: “We have focused on creating a winning team that consists of some very experienced players and blended this with young and new talents. I am very excited to take on this challenge and feel very priviliged to be a part of the team that builds Bifrost”.

Track record for selected players in the team: 

  • Fiala: He is a former LCD champion with multiple top 3 finishes. Fiala is a remarkable player, known for his flashy Riven mechanics. He has spent the last year competing in Denmark, but now he is ready for a new challenge, the Nordic Championship, together with Bifrost.

  • Brandvarm: With 2 years of competetive experience in LCD under his belt, Brandvarm Sjakal is the glue that keeps the team together.  With his early game aggression and strong voice, he leads the team to victory.

  • Energy: Energy has had a long 5 year career. He’s played all over Europe, including Spain, Germany, Turkey, Italy, among others. Known for his wide champion pool and unique picks, Energy will be a big part of our team going forward. 

  • Takeset: Takeset is a somewhat fresh face to the competetive LoL scene, having only played a short stint for “The Plan”. Despite this, he is one of the best players Denmark has to offer. Mechanically gifted extremely motivated, he managed to keep his spot in EUW Challenger solo queue for the entirety of season 9.

  • PederseNN: PederseNN is another LCD champion in our line-up! He has previously made top 4 in nordic league and has great results all around. He is another very experienced player with 3 years of competetive experience, and we will put him to good use.

Our coaching staff:

  • Coach Torok: Despite only being 18 years old, Torok is a well-established coach with 2 years of experience. With most of his career so far being in the UK- and Greek scenes, Torok will now look to venture into the nordics. With help of our analyst Viktor, Torok will mold the team into a well-oiled machine.

About Bifrost esport: Our goal is to be the most desirable club to join for both athletes, fans and partners. With origin in Norway Bifrost will bring Nordic values to esport. We build on a high degree of trust and history of working together, to create a leading esport team focusing on positive impact. Creating a global movement that other will follow. We believe that maximizing the chance of thriving and great outcomes requires responsible stewardship and clear intentionality. All our athletes, fans and partners will thrive in our collaborative positive and value-based environment". Contacts: 

Emil Oliver Hamborgstrøm, co-founder Bifrost, email:

Isak Fjell, manager & captain of LOL Bifrost; email: